Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bio/Tech: Side by Side

After a little discussion in the comments section about the connection between biology and technology, I thought I'd like to see these three designs side by side.

I hesitated, as the two designs to the right are nice things, while the one on the far-left is not nice at all.
So, please take this in a friendly way: I don't mean the three are equivalent.

Left: H-bomb

Center: Enterprise

Right: Male reproductive system


To quote Margaret on the similarity among designs:
"It's more than coincidence, but it's not deliberate."


femminismo said...

My mind is blown away (oops! wrong phrases, perhaps? But only coincidence and not deliberate. The thought came to mind unconsciously. maybe ...) More of this sort of stuff, please!

Fresca said...

Well, heck, thanks for the encouragement!

Margaret said...

Thanks for discovering this. It is weird. Oh, humans! We're sort of amazing and mysterious and scary.

The Crow said...

Ah ha! Life is beginning to make sense now.

So, it is not because I have sex on the brain that I recognize phallic symbols everywhere...they really are there!

I knew it!

(I like where you wonderings are taking us, Fresca. Good work!)

Fresca said...

There's a phenomenon I call the "robin's egg blue VW phenomenon":

Once something comes to your attention, you start to see it everywhere.

In my case, I met someone with a robin's egg blue VW, and I swore I'd never seen the car in that color before.
Whereupon I began to see them constantly.