Friday, January 29, 2010

The Missing Picture: The Warrior

The long post below, on procrastination, has no pictures, which feels right.
But it doesn't feel right to have an altogether pictureless day, so here's a samurai, circa 1870 (from here).

The Warrior made a little ripple in my mind after I posted about Avatar. The Warrior is an energy I've barely paid any attention to, especially not in my self.
Growing up during Vietnam War, I first met the warrior as a muddled and misguided figure, not an attractive picture.

One reason I love Captain Kirk is that he models a kind of warrior I can relate to (sort of)--a goofy one, able to laugh at himself and keep his role in perspective.

A more tragic but good warrior image is in The Seven Samurai, which shows that, in proper balance, the warrior serves the people. A society that centers around serving the warrior is out of whack.

Anyway, as I think about what in the world I want to do next, I want to meet my warrior self more.
I know she's in there, she's just been sleeping.


femminismo said...

Great photo and I, too, would like to meet my inner warrior. (Kirk is goofy, isn't he? Anyone who can battle Tribbles with a straight face is someone to count on in times of trouble.) And he's always true to his main gal: the Enterprise.

ArtSparker said...

He looks kind of like the Buster Keaton one in Seven Samurai.

Fresca said...

FEM: I think a lot of us, maybe women especially? would like to call up that inner warrior.
What does she look like?
What does she do?

ARTS: Hey! You're right, he does!