Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Climate: The Deadly Years

Have you seen the Greenpeace posters in the Copenhagen airport, for the climate change conference that opened yesterday? Obama and Merkel here, but there are several others too.I think they got the idea from the Star Trek episode, "The Deadly Years," where the ship's officers start to age rapidly. Here's Spock and friends, working on the formula to go back in time and save Earth's polar bears.

Also time-traveling to surgically alter Mr. Obama's ears at birth. Was he born in the USA? No way, he was born on Vulcan! Like Tuvok, the Vulcan first mate on Star Trek: Voyager.

[Sorry, another image I saved long ago without noting its source. Very bad of me. I think I'll use these right away, and then they sit so long, I forget where I found them.]


Annika said...

Ha, what a surprise! I'm at the conference right now, providing "radiological expertise". I don't know about that. What my colleague and I do in practice is sit in a tiny booth keeping an eye on a couple of computer screens, and now and then we make a round with a hand-held radiation monitor, mostly to keep ourselves busy.

It's dead boring, but the rounds into the actual conference area are uplifting. There really is a feeling of people coming together to work towards a common goal (even though it's not that simple on a less superficial level).

Fresca said...

That's so cool you are there! Even if being bored to death. (Boredom is the ingredient that always gets left out of movies--one reason Mortmere's vids are so funny--she shows the long, slow boring shifts on the Enterprise.)
Maybe you will detect some radioactive aliens...!