Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Animal Theatre Troupe Presents True Blood

WARNING: This is funny (I think) and cute, but also sick and wrong. Not suitable for children.

OK, so, the other day, an Anonymous Friend [April 2017: it can now be revealed: it was bink] came over and was telling me she'd watched the first two episodes of a vampire show, True Blood, on the recommendation of an 18-year-old woman who loves it.
Anonymous Friend was shocked, saying the show is basically a graphically violent Harlequin Romance snuff film, starring a gentleman vampire and a telepathic virgin.

She started to tell me about it--I love when people relate the plots of stories that I don't want to read or see myself--and I said, "Wait! wait! Why don't you act it out with little animals? I'll film it!"
So she did, and I did, and here it is.

[If the video keeps stalling, click on "HD" in the lower right corner of the screen, to turn High Def off.]

I hope to get The Anonymous Friend to retell Charles Dickens's Bleak House next. It's got spontaneous human combustion!


Anonymous said...

OMGoddess! This brings two somewhat coherent thoughts to the surface--not to mention laughing til I cried!:
1. I think there needs to be an advocacy organization or front created to counteract "vampirism" --i. e. discrimination against vampires, so that they don't have problems getting servicepeople to come out to their homes--or maybe changing the constitution to include vampires--not to mention advocacy and constitutional changes and empowerment of all other, already marginalized folks.
2. The power of spit. I read somewhere this summer, when Scorpio BabyGrrrl got a bad bee-sting on her foot, that chewing on plantain leaf--(the common one we find growing wild here)--and rubbing the muddled leaf and saliva mixture on the sting place is an excellent remedy if the reaction is not anaphylactic. And I think the spit enzymes activate the healing properties of the herb, but I'm not sure. And then there's something I remembered about folks rubbing spider webs on wounds and I think spiders excrete their webs from their salivary glands. Haven't googled yet to verify any of this, but just wanted to comment quickly to this amazing, spontaneous work!


poodletail said...

Hahahahahaha. Different strokes ...

"Oh, no. I better run out and put on my pants". That's rich.

Hey, how about Firestarter by Stephen King? That would be excellent for mini-pyrotechnics.

Fresca said...

STEF: The Anonymous Friend did not put every detail into this retelling--in fact, Vampire Rights is part of the larger story.
And I'm sure the screenwriters did in-depth scientific research into the power of spit. Oh yeah...

POODLE: I shall pass on all requests to The Anonymous Friend, but I have a sneaking suspicion she will not read Stephen King. Oh, or wait--wasn't that a movie?
I'd like to see the Little Animal Theatre Troupe take on "The Stand" by King---all in under 10 minutes (the length-limit for youTubes).

deanna said...

I appreciate getting the scoop on a presentation I will now never have to see (and once again I'm thankful not to have cable). Those little animals are similar to some from my little animals collection. Are they yours?

LL said...

The Little Animals are awesome, especially the Bouble Bop (or is it Double Joop?).

This show sounds just like high school. Except in high school there are really no good guys. But a fair amount of fatal sex and fangs rising.

Is claymation next for Fly On The Wall?

Fresca said...

Hi, Deanna: Yep, the little animals are some of mine--I have more too, of course. (I mean, people who like little animals often have lots, I suspect.) Each one has its own story and some I've had since childhood.
Maybe you could send/post some photos of your little guys?

NANY ("LL"): The Anonymous Friend says the show does seem to be designed to appeal to high school girls--the young woman who recommended it has been watching it since she was 16...

I think it sounds atrocious, but I might have liked it at 16, when I was attracted to darker things that had No Sense of Humor At All. (I certainly loved "Interview with the Vampire").

Now, if such stories isn't tongue in cheek, like "Shawn of the Dead" or "Galaxy Quest" or Bill Shatner, who is one big tongue (!), I'm not interested.

Rudyinparis said...

This was so weirdly, creepily realistic. I'm.... speechless.

Fresca said...

I think it's weirdly realistic too--I can truly imagine the real thing. That Anon Friend is really good at telling the plots--and doing the voices.