Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Ride the Silver Fish"

Today is the first Sunday of Advent: a time to clear the clutter.
I look around this morning at fishhead masks and strips of paper seaweed strewn about my little place; my houseplants still in the bathub where I put them to make room; a ladder in the corner next to a pile of wrinkled blue cloth; coffee cups in the sink.
After a very successful and fun but draining two days of filming, I'm too stunned to clear the physical clutter.
I will consider this Sunday a day of rest:
a time to clear the clutter in my head and recharge my batteries.

I looked up the Advent readings for today, and they do not inspire me, so I listen instead to Neil Gaiman reading his "Instructions" on what to do if you find yourself inside a fairytale.
I remember well his wonderful line,
"Trust your heart, and trust your story."
But I'd forgotten he also instructs,
"Ride the silver fish, you will not drown."

"...And then, go home,
Or make a home,
Or rest."


ArtSparker said...

There is nothing like resting with a sense of accomplishment - you can't beat it with a stick.

jspad said...

Here I am wondering yet again why I don't read Neil Gaiman, because everything points to how much I would enjoy it.

Also: instructions fairly tale-related instructions sound much better, and more reassuring, than instructions found in everyday life. In a story,"Do not lose hope, what you seek will be found" is easier to believe.

fresca said...

You're right, ArtS!

Hi, 12 Frogs!
I don't like all of Gaiman's stuff, but when he's good, he's very very good. I loved "Anansi Boys."

Good point about fairy-tale instructions---that explains quite a lot of fandom, eh? : )

momo said...

lovely way to start my day! thanks.

deanna said...

Great poem. Thanks. I haven't been much for the advent readings, either, though I've got my wonder goggles on this time of year.

Fresca said...

"wonder goggles"--that's good!
Yes, me too, feeling sort of awed by beauty and stillness.