Monday, November 16, 2009

Herring Prep

Arguments Presented to God on the Behalf of Humanity, No. 34:
The amount of work people put into entirely frivolous, harmless pursuits, just for fun. Making a 1-minute video, for instance, about herring.In the past 24 hours, here's some work people put into prepping for the shoot in 12 days time:
1. John, who is going to play the man disappointed with his Christmas dinner of one measly herring, called to ask if he should start growing a beard for his role. I said yes.
2. The Finnish Friend sent me an audio file of her saying, "Herring is rather small for Christmas dinner" in Finnish.
3. Laura gave me some blue glaze and a tin of aqua-colored paint so I could paint one corner of my room, as ocean background for the herring.
4. I painted said corner.
5. bink brought over a herring-head mask to check against the wave pattern. It looked great.


ArtSparker said...

as astra per herring

Ginga Squid said...

Funny - we were singing a nursery rhyme about herring today - "What shall I do will my herrings tails"! Its on a kiddies CD I have for the car with sea songs on it.

Fresca said...

Art Sparker: good one!

Ginga: Sea songs! bink & I should listen to some, perhaps, as we are still trying to come up with a good chant for the herring to sing.