Monday, October 19, 2009

365: Back to Work...

Now that the glitter of the movie premieres has been swept up and the films are uploaded (post below), I'm back to researching Finnish culture, with my cherished prize for moviemaking: a Kirk&Spock mug from Joanna and Rosemary. (Can you see Kirk has that most adorable baffled look on his face?)
I hereby declare Shatner an honorary Moomin.
The new sidebar graphic--"Your comments feed my blog"--is from Save Our Blogs, but first met at Marlinspike Hall. There are several designs there for the taking, in a whole bunch of languages (Italian, yes; Finnish, no). This one's a tree of course, but to me it feels like our friend the Octopus.

I mean it as a thank you, not an exhortation (lurkers welcome!); but I would like to know,
* * * do you think this gray text on the black background is hard to read?
I changed it because the movies look good against black, and now I'm liking it. But if it's annoying, I'll change it back.


Rudyinparis said...

Nope, not hard to read.

bink said...

reads fine.

poodletail said...

Easy on the eyes.

Fresca said...

OK, then, it stays for now. Thanks for saying.
I like how the colors look against the black.