Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Russia, with Love

You remember this summer I was working with J. L. on translating my video "Star Trek, My Love" into Russian? Well, she just e-mailed me some photos and a link to download a video from the Russian Star Trek Club con (RusCon 9) this August:

Here's part of her really nice message:

"Dear Fresca,

"....I'm uploading a new video for you-- the first 8 minutes or so it's just me reading your message for the Russian Star Trek family... a crazy vid but maybe it will be interesting for you to hear it in Russian.
It was quite an experience - I translated it at sight, and it is not very short :-) but everybody was listening (strangely!) carefully...

"And the other 3 minutes - that is our Trekkers watching your video. Gosh, I love it. They laughed and smiled and - yes, they've been as touched as I have. They liked it very much, and they said so. But you can see it by yourself now!

"By the way, our coordinator gave me a sort of 'diploma' for you- for your brilliant work! It's real, I mean. Nothing special, but it's not digital, it's a piece of paper, you know!"


I can't think of anything that would make me much happier than a certificate (hard copy!) of Star Trek appreciation from Russia.

Unless maybe it's one of their Star Trek cakes...

I love Trekkies.


bink said...

I want a one of those cakes right now!

Annika said...

How absolutely great! To state the obvious, who would have thought anything like this could happen thirty years ago? (I was twelve when the Berlin wall fell, and watching that on the news was one of the most exhilarating things I've experienced so far.)

You seem to have a knack for meeting the good kind of trekkers! For the ones I met in my own area, personal experience didn't seem to enter into it - strange to me, who can't imagine obsessing about something without elements of identification.

Fresca said...

bink: We should make a Fly cake! Round like a Fly head!

Hi, Annika!
It is great, isn't it?
I too thought about the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, which is even in my vid (a brief flash of people dancing on/around it). Amazing to think that's 20 years ago now. It remains a vivid memory to me too.

Almost none of the good sort of Trekkers I know live in my area--they often (like you!) aren't even Americans. Here, I've mostly met guys who think the space battles are the best thing. I suppose that's personal to them. But it sure isn't to me...
Some friends like ST too but few are in love with it like I am.

The "Star Trek, My Love" vid is so personal, of course, I suppose anyone who likes it is bound to be the sort I'd relate to, at least on that score.
It gets the most comments on youTube, so it seems there are a lot of people who do relate, though there are few fanvids like it. (Actually, none I've seen, but I know people write about this sort of thing--How Star Trek Saved My Life.)

deanna said...

Hooray! Congrats to you, for reaching out with your enjoyment and skill. :o)