Friday, September 18, 2009

In Montana: Filming The Disinherited

I'm exhausted. bink and I spent the day filming in Makoshika State Park. I schlepped the camera through a landscape that looks a lot like Cappadocia, in Turkey. It got into the low 90 degrees F, but was very dry, so not bad.

Still the light was astonishingly bright and unrelenting. bink, the shadow on the right, is holding the alien mask she made.

bink plays the Bounty Hunter, who is chasing an alien who is "the disinherited," which is the working title of the movie. It's kind of a comic theological sci-fi Western, like a Star Trek spaghetti Western with an interest in meditation.
Also donuts.

We'll finish up tomorrow on the farm where Lucinda's grandparents used to grow wheat. And then to edit, hopefully this coming week. So, after taking one year to make Orestes and the Fly, I'll only take a week or two to make my second movie.


Anonymous said...

...ghmmmmm AAAHHH.....(and other yearning, salivating noises)...Cappadocia AND donuts; what a breakfast for the intergallactic!--(geez! I'm sure I spelled Cappadocia wrong, even though I've been there...). I love the gloopy sand castle or giant, alien-poop piles landscape. That shadow photo with mask is AMAZING! Are you eating honey -dipped apples in the desert?

Happy Rosh Hashana!



Bianca Castafiore? said...

Good luck with the flick, chica!

A new Wordle Challenge has been posted. As Grand Wordlemeister, you must wait at least 24 hours before swooping in and solving the thing.

It's only fair.

Hey, have a great time! Can I say "I knew her when..."?

La Bonne et Belle Bianca Castafiore

Manfred Allseasons said...

Is that a water pistol?

My money...... is on the Alien.

And, you know, the Alien has already been disinherited, so a soaking seems a bit harsh...

I hope no doughnuts were harmed in the filming of this movie....I havent forgotten the cheetos carnage in pre-production....

deanna said...

Looks like a blast from the past and/or future. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating landscape! Those solidified ancient lava flows do give one perspective. At least my one college course in geology tells me that's what they are. Awesomely cool!

Nancy said...

Oops -- the anonymous geologist is me, Nancy.

Fresca said...

MANFRED: Good guess, but it's a Space Gun that shoots sparks!
As for who comes out on top in the struggle, I think we came up with an innovative solution---will upload the whole 8 minute movie when it's done--hopefully within a week.
I am afraid, however, that donuts do get shoved around a bit.

DEANNA: Yeah, as a sci-fi Western, it's a bit past and future!

NANCY: You're right, it looks like lava in the photos, but it's actually more like dried mud! Layers of sediment have eroded into amazing shapes, revealing amazing colors. The landscape is changing and wearing away quickly, all the time. Very bizarre and wonderful.

Here--the park's webiste explains:
"Most of these strata are the brownish-gray sediments dating back 65 million years ago when the Rocky Mountains were rising in the west. At that time, this area was rivers and floodplains similar to the present southeastern United States with sub-tropical climate and vegetation.
It was the Cretaceous Period, the "Age of Reptiles." Rivers draining the western mountains deposited layer upon layer of sediments which over millions of years compacted to form the sandstones, mudstones, clays, and shales that form the badlands landscape."

Fresca said...

STEF: Thanks for the reminder--I didn't write back on Rosh H., but your reminder inspired bink and me indeed to eat apples and honey! bink had actually bought some honey that day as a present to take back to Maura!

BIANCA: I love your Wordle challenges, but alas, could not solve this one... I am miserabler.