Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dizzying Heights

I came home from Montana Monday evening, and for the next couple nights, icky dizziness swept over me whenever I moved my head in bed (but OK when upright). I went to the doc yesterday, and he said, "Vertigo. We have no idea why it happens to people, but that's what you're experiencing."

I think I might have brought it on by climbing up high in Makoshika State Park--heights make me dizzy--impersonating William Shatner. I don't know if you can clearly hear what I'm saying in this 23 second video, but I'm quoting Bill:
"Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain... to hug the mountain."

I suppose it couldn't really be this (could it?), but psychologically I felt like I was made ill from driving 1,200 miles round trip with someone who relentlessly, incessantly expressed cruelly critical opinions about everyone. It was really dreadful. I'm glad I didn't know how bad the driving part of the trip was going to be, or I wouldn't have gone. And then bink and I wouldn't have had such a blast for 48 hours, making our movie.

bink has already finished editing The Disinherited, I just have to add the music. Though that can be quite a lot of work, I'm looking forward to it, now my brain is not wobbling (much).


deanna said...

Ugh, vertigo. No fun. (Prolonged negativity in enclosed spaces, no fun either.) Video, fun! Can't wait for the finished flick.

P.S. Welcome back.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna!
I talked to a friend at lunch who said anxiety can be a factor in vertigo. I looked it up, and sure enough...

Also bacteria and viruses; mean-spiritedness feels like it could be a virus. Maybe it climbed in my ear.

momo said...

Sorry you've been feeling unwell! The car ride sounds like an ordeal, and I imagine bink needs some hugs too.

Fresca said...

Poor bink--and now this weekend she's going to see her ill dad in Missouri. Without even a moviemaking project for counterbalance. Eek.