Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"There's Always Someone Cooler Than You"

Now that August has turned hot and muggy, after weeks of lovely cool, dry weather, I'm leaving behind my air-conditioned housesitting gigs and going back home to my hot little apartment. There I will finish (eventually) editing my film to the cheery accompaniment of Ben Folds.

I love this song.


momo said...

If you want another A/C housesitting gig for a week starting Monday, it's yours.

Nancy said...

Nate said the W-S men saw Ben Folds at Lollapalooza. "He was cool", he said. Therefore you are cool for liking him, because , of course, Nathan is cooler than you or anyone older than he is. If someone cooler than you complements your taste you automatically go down several degrees and become cooler. Are you feeling it?

Fresca said...

I am dripping icicles, Nancy! Thanks to Nathan, Mr. Cool.