Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer, 1964

I'm slacking off on blogging and 365ing and everything, so here to pick up some slack is me (front), aged three, with my five-year-old sister, our mother's mother, and our family dog, picnicking on the banks of Piney River, in Missouri.

Forty-three years later, I'd be back to scatter my mother's ashes in this river.


Rudyinparis said...

You know, I must say, you have more than a hint of the Baby Captain Kirk about you in this photo! Maybe all 3 year olds have that sort of brash bravado about them? Or many, at least?

Love any old photos I see--more, more!

deanna said...

Did your mom take the picture? A great poignancy goes with it.

Nancy said...

As a fellow Missourian my immediate concern was -- those children are going to get chiggers in all those cute folds!

I can hear the sounds and smell the scents of Missouri as I look at this picture. I miss them. But I don't miss chiggers! Luckily, if your mother's spirit is hanging out by the Piney she can enjoy all the wonderful natural pleasures -- and no chiggers.

poodletail said...

Fresca, do you remember this picnic with your family?

Fresca said...

RUDY: I think I always had that "Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain" potential, yes... Do we all? What happens to it?

Deanna: Yes, I'm pretty sure my mother did take that photo--she'd drive me and my sister from Wisconsin to visit her family--road trips I adored, with lots of picnics at roadside rests along the way.

Nancy, I don't know how, but we avoided chiggers! I do remember picking up cicada shells with huge delight.
Missouri remains a magic place in my memory, even though my grandmother didn't like me! (I was too Capt. Kirk for her ladylike ways.)

Poodle: I don't know if I remember this particular picnic, but I have many memories of Piney River picnics in general---cold fried chicken and collecting shiny river pebbles...