Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Evening

Leo, the kitty I am housesitting, oversaw me sending Slovakia off to the proofreader just now. That means I am done writing it. I'll see it again when it gets its photos and index and so forth, but basically I am done.
I really made this a ridiculously long, long task. But the editor, a crispy cookie indeed, told me, "This book does not annoy me," and that's high praise, coming from her.
Now I shall go mope, in that inevitable postpartum way.

Also, I am sad that I still don't get the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I am missing too many of the itty-bitty pieces that go into making history make sense for that particular lump of it to make sense to me.
What oh what did Franz Josef, emperor of Austria and king of Hungary, do to get an arhcipelago of 191 ice-covered islands with a total area of 16,134 km² and no native inhabitants named after him?
I have no idea.

But I am not desolate. No, because I have experienced this before. You run into some huge thing you never heard of before and for a long time you think you'll never understand it, but after a while, you do. Except, in my case, for the higher math.

I am confident that unless I meet with misfortune, one day I will understand Franz Josef Land.


momo said...

Congrats on turning in the project and THANKS for the picture of your feline buddy! We are finally back in a place where I can sit down and browse, and it is so nice to see Mr. Hairypants looking hairy.

Fresca said...

Leo the Large is indeed the King of Hairy. He seems quite happy.

Jennifer said...

Leo does seem to be quite approving of all your hard work! And a non-annoying book is truly high praise--from the right person. :) Have yourself a good, satisfying mope: it's a natural part of the process...

Fresca said...

I think kitties like the warmth of a laptop!
The mope isn't hitting me too hard this time because I'm moving on to the Fly, which is fun, but you're right, some slump seems to be natural, in my experience anyway.