Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lend me your tails?

"I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted."
--Electra to her brother Orestes, The Flies, act 2, Jean-Paul Sartre

We're set to shoot the final scene of Orestes and the Fly on Saturday, August 1. Has anyone in town got a tailcoat they can lend for the Fly to wear? (It doesn't have to fit, since the Fly is a scrounger.) If nothing else, I'll rent one, but, eek... expensive...
Still, it is the Fly's dream to be Fred Astaire, and you can be Fred without Ginger but not without tails.
I guess a morning coat could substitute? Where's my Costume person?

(Btw, shooting the final scene doesn't mean it's the final shoot--the next weekend I am shooting the Sacrifice of Iphigenia, starring bink's 9-year-old niece. I'd forgotten how much fun this all is, but I need someone to track Continuity.)

I'm not leading a goal-driven life, but this summer I heard myself saying to the Apple Computer trainer that my goal is to get this filmmaking thing down so that next summer I can enter the 48-Hour Film Challenge. (Teams register to complete a film in 48 hours.)
I think that as much as learning the technology, this involves learning to beg and schmooze for favors.
So, lend me your tails?
I'll name you as an Accomplice Assistant Producer!


deanna said...

Sorry I don't have tails for you, but I'm all for you doing that 48-hour thing next year. Sounds like a crazy, fun gig. :o)

Fresca said...

Gee, Deanna, wanna come out here and help? That would be fun alright!