Sunday, July 5, 2009

365 - 38: Doing My Bit for World Peace


I'm subtitling my autobiographical Star Trek vid ("Star Trek, My Love") in Russian today. For the Russian Star Trek club's annual con this August, when some 100 fans gather for a week, outside Moscow.
It's taking me a lot longer than I expected, but I feel I'm doing my part to end the Cold Room Temperature War. (Obama says it's over, but I'm not sure everyone's in agreement about the temperature...)

I recently read an article about a kind of ant that has spread worldwide. Ants from different "supercolonies" on different continents won't attack each other, like ants usually do, because they know they're of the same species.
Instead, they make nice and wave their antennae at each other.
Star Trek fans are like this too. Some of us even paint ourselves blue and stick antennae on our heads to help the cause.

I'm also learning the moviemaking program on my new computer, as I do this--you can sorta see I'm working with two computers here, my old one, with the unrecoverable old copy of the video on it (that blessedly still shows the timing of each picture, so I can copy it), and my new one.
It's such a relief to have the right tool for the job--I realize now I was working with the equivalent of a rusty can opener. Better than trying to open a can of pineapple with a boat oar, but still very frustrating.


deanna said...

Wow, neat project, and a cool thought about the antenna-waving.

I just noticed your sidebar picture with Spock and the caption. When I was a kid, we got that Marlo Thomas record, and it was corny but comforting: "It might make you feel better!"

fresca said...

It is such a neat project--after the Moscow showing, I will post it on youTube and you can see it--it's fun, I think, to see something so familiar as Kirk and Spock, with the unfamiliar (to me) Cyrillic script.

I'm so glad you recognized the Marlo Thomas reference, Deanna!
Yes: "Free to Be You and Me"!