Monday, June 1, 2009


Movies are so helpful with the traumas of life. For instance, if you get a brain tumor, you might wonder, What hat should I wear? And it might be helpful to see that Bette Davis wore this saucy UFO when her character had a brain tumor in Dark Victory.

Alas, this became a real-life question for someone I know this weekend who went into the ER with vertigo and discovered it was caused by a brain tumor.

Thankgod, NOT the lethal kind Bette Davis's character had! This is a benign, slow-growing, "dime a dozen" (doctor's words) tumor that would be no trouble at all except it's growing near the brain stem, which is, of course, quite a bit of trouble.

Lots of meetings with top docs this week to determine the best course of action, which will affect the choice of hats over the next few weeks.
Meanwhile, I must do research on what hat the concerned friend wears.

Come to think of it, I already have the right hat: the Jayne hat (left) TR knit for me last summer. The one that the Firefly character Jayne wears, saying it's a sign that he's not afraid of anything.

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fresca said...

Thank all you darlings for commenting.

The person involved felt exposed by my post, so I removed references to who she is, hence all your disappeared comments, but I passed along your good wishes!