Monday, June 22, 2009

Poli-Sci Me

Mr. F-for-Fundraiser telling me last week that people who aren't interested in politics are dangerously deluded kinda got to me.
Growing up with a father who taught political science, and later hanging out with social-justice folks, I thought politics--of the governmental, policy-making sort, or the radical activist type--was the Grown-Up, Important thing to do.

But I was never attracted to that work--nor am I any good at it. The thing that interests me most at committee meetings is the selection of donuts.

We serve the world best, I believe, by doing work that suits us, and politics doesn't suit me. But that guy's criticism, off the wall as it was (people who avoid politics are like the Unabomber? WTF?), poked my slumbering sense of insufficiency with a stick.

So I was really pleased to get a message in my uTube inbox this weekend from someone in Russia who wants to translate into Russian my fanvid "Star Trek, My Love," (the one about why I love Star Trek, set to the Beatles' "In My Life"), to show at a Russian Star Trek club, saying,
"It's really great that people feel the same way on the other side of the Earth."

Thank you, universe. Once in a while you get a message saying, yes, this work you do serves the world, and even if it's only a small thing, it's a true thing.

Alas, I made that vid on an old (2004) program, and it's no longer readable. But I did save the screencaps, so I could rebuild the whole thing (or the person in Russia can). It'd be a bit of a drag, but for such a fun reason, I'd be willing. (As long as there are no committee meetings.) Just to make sure iMovie can handle the Cyrillic script, I translated a couple lines on babelfish and added them. Yep, it works.
Computer translations are too weird, but these lines should read:
"These guys? I'm with them."


momo said...

How sweet they look speaking Russian! I think...I KNOW I was as angry and pompous as Mr. F when I was younger, but I like to think my manners were better. Say, your vid reminds me that I have something for you. A present!

fresca said...

If only age were Mr. F's excuse. He's ten+ years older than you are now. But I'm sure he'd have seemed sweeter if he'd been speaking Russian...

Presents are always welcome!

Nancy said...

You know Obama actually said, "It's not logical" today when pointing out an absurdity being argued from the industry side?

Spock as President, yeah!

Nancy said...

That is, health industry side in the healthcare "debate"

fresca said...

Oh, that's great Nancy! I wonder if it'll turn up on uTube.