Monday, June 8, 2009

London x 3

1. The BFI describes London:
"Neither documentary nor fiction, London (dir. Patrick Keiller, 1994) is more than either: a chronicle of a year in the life of England's capital through the eyes of Keiller's imaginary protagonist, Robinson, ...voiced by Paul Scofield. London was shot silently: ambient sound, narration and music were added subsequently"..."

"A fin-de-siècle personal portrait of London shot over a period of twelve months, which saw the election of John Major as prime minister, renewed IRA bombings, the 'Black Wednesday' European monetary crisis and the 'fall of the house of Windsor'. --BFI

2. This morning in 2009, the Telegraph reports, "Gordon Brown's future is in grave doubt this morning after Labour suffered humiliating election results..."
Poor Gordon Brown. Here he is entering No. 10 with Barack Obama, from Fail Blog.

3. AND, aliens destroy Big Ben!
(This is the Dr Who London scene I'd mentioned in the previous post.)


momo said...

This is great! I'm trying to track down another London documentary based on Peter Ackroyd's book London: The Biography. I haven't yet had the time to search, but I know there are a few clips up on YouTube. He has Engels as a narrator!

fresca said...

Im coming up with a good list of this stuff!