Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Fern Is Green

After two frighteningly dry months, it finally rained this past week. The backyard ferns under the clothesline are happy in the cool, wet weather. And so am I, this afternoon, mostly, happy as the fern is green. No reason, just took a quick break from plugging away at Slovakia to snap this photo from my porch.
Gee, I'm good at not doing what I don't want to do.
Back at it now. I mean, back at *doing* it.


Jennifer said...

That's beautiful...I miss ferns and greenery in general. Well, out backyard is full of weeds--perhaps I should simply redefine them as "greenery" and go from there.

Rainy season has started here, so damp is the order of the day. :)

fresca said...

My father calls his weed-filled yard a "prairie restoration project." Maybe you too are cultivating native greenery!