Wednesday, June 24, 2009

365 - 35: Rain

I sent off the first draft of Slovakia last week (without ever coming to a good understanding of Austria-Hungary), but I'm having a hard time getting back to writing, I mean really writing, a post here.

It's what I remember from when I was writing regularly on geography books: I couldn't write my own stuff. The work knocks off-balance the delicate mechanism that generates personal writing.

In the meantime, I've been liking this self-portrait project more than before. Not because the pictures are great, though I do think they'll look cool put all together at my birthday in March, but because it pushes me--or gives me an excuse--to look at and engage with the physical world, including my camera.
It started to rain this morning and I thought, how can I photograph myself in the rain? I went down to the backyard and tried to use a plastic bag as a camera umbrella but ended up liking this photo shot through the plastic bag better.
It's stopped raining already. If I hadn't given myself this assignment, I'd have sat it out.


bink said...

another great photo. Love the plastic bag's effect.

deanna said...

Yeah, wow, so true, writing to someone else's specs knocks off that delicate, personal balance. I just worked myself silly to meet a submission deadline, and it was hard, but since it was a very personal essay, I feel as though muscles have been strengthened, sort of. At least that's what your musing has helped me discover. Thanks. (And I like the pic.)

fresca said...

Bink: Thanks!

Deanna: I hope we'll get to read the piece you wree working on?
I've always shied away from writing personal stuff on spec--I seem to clam up or get very pretentious... Maybe if I worked on it, I'd loosen up--like stretching a muscle? But for now, the blog stretches me plenty.