Monday, May 11, 2009

Who's Watching My Fanvid?

News flash: Motmere answered my question. It's here, at Topless Robot!
How WEIRD. Last night when I checked, views of my 10-month-old John Donne/Star Trek fanvid Kirk: "To His Mistress", which had been dawdling around 5,000, had jumped to 8,261. This morning it's 8,512. (Views of my other vids remain the same.) How does this happen?!? Hits from the new movie's opening weekend? Or someone recently posted it/shared it somewhere with a lot of traffic? I wish they'd say, if that's the case. Not that I'm complaining! And I think Donne would be tickled.


mortmere said...

Here's the answer:

(You can find a "Statistics & Data" section below each of your videos, just click it and you'll see all the pages where the video has been linked and viewed. And it's worth checking the YouTube Insight, too, where you can see general statistics for your channel. You'll find it somewhere under "My Account". The statistics for any Trek related channel are probably shooting up right now... I just wonder how many innocent people are being introduced to the world of K/S, too, now that they're trying to find more info on "this awesome new movie that's called Star Trek"...)

fresca said...

Once again, you are an Agent of Good, Mortmere!

I get neurotically anxious about who's looking at my stuff, so for the most part I do what I'm doing (for the most part) with the new movie:
I ignore it.
So, obviously, I didn't even know how to check.

Wow, am I ever in the minority about the movie, though. If you love it too, I will hang up my phaser.

Jennifer said...

I'm catching up--I've been shying away from some of my usual haunts due to a desperate (and doomed) attempt to avoid too many spoilers about the new ST movie. Unfortunately, I'm way too good at putting bits together--well, seeing half the places I watch suddenly flooded with Spock/Uhura fanfic is something of a hint, is it not? And it's clear the famous line from "Wrath of Khan" makes an appearance too...

Anyway, I'm tickled to see your video getting hits! It's been interesting (not always pleasant) to see younger fen suddenly discovering Star Trek is cool. I've had to endure many enthusiastic posts from kids going out and buying the original series and being all "OMG, have you SEEN Amok Time? It's so slashy!" I suppose I should simply be glad people are discovering it, but I am a crotchety old fan, lol.

I used to track who looked at my web pages and how often and I couldn't bear it, it drove me crazy. I had to disable everything, even just how many hits the page was getting. So I empathize.

More catching up soon!

fresca said...

Hi, Jen!
A couple weeks after the movie opened, ALL my vids are getting more views than usual (though none near the jump "Mistress" got from Topless Robots), so I think it must be your "fen" friends (is that the plural of "fan"?) shopping around...
Funny indeed to watch people discover ST TOS through a backward process---slash first.

Yep, I am committed to remaining ignorant of who's looking at my blog. I'm glad I'm not alone in my neuroses. : )