Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ta-Ta Till June

I am a champion procrastinator and I work best under a deadline, if it's work I don't particularly want to do. I have put off getting serious about the Slovakia job (geography reference book for teens) for so long that the deadline is looming like the maw of the Doomsday Machine. Actually, I like that work very much, it's just that I like blogging a whole lot more.

So, given that I seem unable to whip out a quick blog post (today's, below, took 4+ hours to put together, what with all that octopus research), I am imposing a blog-writing hiatus on myself till June 1--the equivalent of a desperate PhD dissertator I once knew who moved into a motel for a month and told no one of its whereabouts.
Of course I'm on e-mail (blog comments get sent there), and I'll follow all your blogs, so please post juicy stuff, eh?

'Bye for now. *wipes away tear*


Rudyinparis said...

AARGH. Alright, FINE. Be that way. Good luck!

Word verification: dingshin.

fresca said...

Oh, don't be mean--you know it breaks my heart to give it up...even for all of three weeks. : (

Maura said...

Wow, June 1?
I say, as with your photo and other blog-related projects, that rules are made to be broken. Actually, I just say that anyway.
But for what it's worth I'm giving the 'iloveyoumauralynch' break-the-rules-whenever-the-hell-you-want-during-this-self-imposed-hiatus dispensation/absolution/blessing.
Go in peace:) Or just do what I do and put off the decision to decide:)

fresca said...

Thanks, Maura. I shall keep that permission slip at hand!

momo said...

I understand. I have some deadlines to meet and my own blogging has been both sporadic and not terribly thoughtful for a while as a result. Since I'm quite happy to just slap up a Jon Stewart clip just to keep things going, I don't feel the need to stop, but I have been wistful about not having the time to write. That will change after I turn in my grades (soon! soon!) and get my summer class ready to go.
I'll look for you in the comments!

fresca said...

Yeah, I tried just slapping something up, but the main problem is my brain gets in this track of blog-thinking and won't stop. So I just have to jump track entirely.

deanna said...

Looks like you're (almost) keeping to your plan. Hope the Slovakian work is going well!

fresca said...

The work is going well I feel my resolve not to blog slipping... : )