Friday, May 22, 2009

Eavesdrop on the Sun

Darwi is a scientist who took this picture of the Sun with her telescope. (Not her very own telescope, of course, and I guess she didn't really take it, but anyway, she works with it.)

I recently asked her if the Sun makes noise, and she told me it does--and you can hear it!
Here: she sent me the link to Stanford Solar Center's The Singing Sun.
They explain it all in simple terms.

They say the sun sings, but to me it sounds like a cat purring. Listening to it was oddly moving--the idea that it's out there purring and we're such nosy darlings we have to figure out how to listen in. Kinda like kids playing in the mud.
Space exploration is such a nice counterbalance to reading about our less darling sides on display in Slovakia.

[image from Big Bear Solar Observatory]


bink said...

What a weird sound. I found it vaguely disconcerting and uncomfortable. It vibrated my brain so much! It's not how I would have expected the sun to sound, but it did feel other-worldly and outer-spacey.

Darwi said...

Nah, I did not took that image you posted. That one is from automated small telescope that takes images of the whole Sun every day.
The images I took do not look really like a Sun; there is just some strange pattern that might be anything :D

fresca said...

Bink: It was weird, wasn't it! Really gets into you somehow...

Darwi: I admit I knew yours were the strange patterned pictures, but this red one was so gorgeous, I posted that instead. Though you know I love your "Coffee-bean" images too!