Monday, May 25, 2009

365 - 24: Towel Day, 2009

To show that I am prepared to hitchhike the galaxy at any moment too, here's a self-portrait of me draped in my towel.

The self-timer wasn't set the way I thought it was, but I like the photo anyway. You can see my very own tulip chair in the background, to the right, which I bought this weekend at a garage sale.


Anonymous said...

Great composition!! Animal, vegetable and mineral lusciousness and intrigue...I was wondering if this was taken in your abode. Didn't remember a tulip chair there from my visits. Is there a fondue set just to the right or left somewhere...are you eating a neon Moon Pie for energy?

Love and Happy day after Towel Day!


fresca said...

Thanks, Stef--it was an accident, but a happy one.
I just saw a 1960s photo of a fondue party! I want to have one! Though I remember fondue is actually a big pain.
I'll just settle for Moon Pies. So much easier.

Anonymous said...

Hey! The title of this day,(for me, Tuesday 26 May 2009), is : "A Slow Day On the Planet". So, I'm up here checking some email stuff and looking at this photo again, and now, with a more rested brain, I see more precisely the elements of composition I vibrate with so much:

colors and contrasts-- the vibrancies of black and white and orange and green; again, the vegetable, animal, mineral; the juxtaposition of forms-- the convexity of the line of the leaf stem in focus paired with the lines of the towel and the concavity of your body line echoed by that of the tulip chair. The promise and hope of Spring and its seductions paired with the inescapable force of gravity pulling us and our towels earthward, as we reach toward the sun. Lalalalalala...