Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Vote for the New Capt. Kirk: Seth Rogan

He's Canadian!
He's a hazel-eyed Jew!
He's softbodied!
He's joyously ridiculous!
Women love him; guys like him!
He's an Aries! (April 15, 1982, so he's just 27.)

And... turns out he cleans up pretty good!

It's moot, of course, but Seth Rogan meets many of the criteria to portray a William Shatneresque Captain Kirk. True, he usually plays more of a Type-B schlump than a Type-A captain, but he's cast as the Green Hornet (to be directed by Michel Gondry, the antithesis of J. J. Abrams), so we'll see how he pulls off superherodom. I bet I'll like him in that role more than I'll like blue-eyed Chris Pine as the new Kirk.


poodletail said...

Doesn't Seth Rogan look like a guy, who, if you saw him at the dog park, you'd have to chat him up?
He has the dorky good looks of the REAL Capt. Kirk. In my opinion Chris Pine is too handsome in a classic way. What do I know? I've never seen an episode of ST but you're drawing me in with the ST Design talk.

fresca said...

Dorky good looks at the dog park--that's it!
While Pine has the clean-lined good looks of a soap-opera star.

Thanks for agreeing with me on Star Trek, Poodle, even if all you have to go on is my information. : ) This design stuff really is astonishingly involving.

Annika said...

After googling around a little, I completely agree with you that Seth = perfect Kirk!

Also, what we see in this photo is my favourite type of looks in a guy. My first boyfriend was cuddly and bespectacled, and he must have left a mark in me. Short hair, glasses and a bit of cushioning = perfect man.

fresca said...

I wasn't sure anyone would agree with me here, but it seems I'm not alone in admiring Kirk's cushiony goofiness.
TOS was campy. I wonder if that'll show up in the movie. One week to go!