Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Classic Mockumentary

Harvesting the spaghetti tree.

Carla (not Karla) sent this link to me: Swiss Spaghetti Harvest (2 min. 24 sec.). The BBC current affairs show Panorama broadcast this faux documentary on April 1, 1957. Famous broadcaster Richard Dimbleby (really) narrates. Like Forgotten Silver, it fooled a lot of people, some of whom called the BBC to ask how they might grow spaghetti (which, to be fair, was not common in the UK fifty years ago).


Darwi said...

Funny. But it still cannot top what O.W. did with his radio drama. :D

fresca said...

Good point, Darwi! I've actually never heard Welles's original broadcast --I should scout around for it.