Tuesday, March 31, 2009

365 - 23: Ice and Honey


I suppose if I insist on sticking my hand in the lake in March and sitting under pine trees with honey in service of getting sensation into my photographs, I shouldn't be surprised that I have to walk home freezing cold and covered in sticky pine needles. But I was.
Nature, it's so uncomfortable.

I'd like to join the photos side-by-side in one panel, but I'm refusing to learn photoshop, you know. My brain is full.


Krista said...

I just love these. And clearly there is a reason we're friends, because I would be similarly surprised.

OK, if you're going to refuse to learn PS, then here's what you do. The next time you're hanging out with a friend who writes basic HTML code (or with me and my laptop), tell them you need them to build you a simple HTML table and show you how to insert the photo code. Or you can google this up and figure it out, perhaps (although I need people to show me this stuff, so don't feel bad if that option doesn't appeal to you). Then you can build digital diptychs all you want.

fresca said...

Thanks, dear friend! I really feel I've reached some limit, some point of psychological fatigue, with figuring out computers on my own, so maybe one day over a beer...?

poodletail said...

Sight, smell, touch, taste, even hearing (the delicate snap! of cracking ice). I love these photos, Fresca.

fresca said...

Thanks, Kit Kat! You are so right: when I broke that ice off, it made that distinctive crack.

PaulD said...

Encouraging dedication.

fresca said...

Thanks, Paul. Encouraging, maybe, but I find I'd rather sit inside and think about poetry than hazard the discomfort of photography in nature. : )