Saturday, March 28, 2009

365 - 20: Found Mirrors, I


There's not meant to be any psychological significance in this shattered self-reflection, I'm just on the lookout for reflective surfaces to meet my self-portrait quota. I label this "I" because I bet I'll find more mirrors, having come across this one (ripped off a car) lying on the ground. It's a phenomenon, unnamed so far as I know: once you notice something, you start to see that same thing everywhere.


Darwi said...

Great photo!

fresca said...

Nice to hear because this was another one where I shot a lot of bad photos before getting one I could use.
Like I just wrote in the post above, I try not to complain about taking these photos, but comments are fair game, so let me say it was really hard to hold a cracked mirror and get a decent angle, plus it was a cold day and my fingers were getting numb...

I am admiring photographers more and more!

PaulD said...

You ARE an inspiration. I love the humor.