Thursday, March 26, 2009

365 - 18: "Geranium Leaf"


Photography is such a trickster: is my head bowed in sadness, or am I merely typing?
I'm typing. But, in fact, the coyote knows I am also sad today. Whenever I write something that takes me to the edge of horror, like yesterday's post, I feel as if I have a hangover afterward. Physically achey and mentally stunned and emotionally low.
I'm grateful that today I have an innocuous book to index.

And, as a reminder of why I love humanity, this youTube link Bink sent me:

Extreme Sheepherding, in which a bunch of sheepherders in Wales wrap lights around their sheep and direct their dogs to move them into LED art displays. The dogs are the coolest.


deanna said...

What an amazing project, your photos. I'm glad you got talked in to continuing. Your previous post said so much, too. Now I'm going to watch the sheep and doggies.

deanna said...

WHOA. (I just watched them.) Cool. I hope the sheep got a good night's sleep after that.

fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna.

Yeah, those poor sheep--I can't imagine they liked running around in the dark, but I think it was worth it. Sometimes even sheep must suffer for art. : )

PaulD said...

fresca! I like the shot a lot. Really. Its just, pleasant. As to the effects of going out to the edge with horror, well, ...

One foot in front of the other, so I tell myself. It often works. But sometimes I, too, just sit on the curb and wait for Self to catch-up.

fresca said...

Thanks, Paul--I like it too.
For me, the geranium leaf over my heart is encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of the other, as you say.