Saturday, March 21, 2009

365 - 13: Researching Humor.


Lying on my back on my porch, Saturday afternoon, reading David Sedaris and eating Ben & Jerry's "Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream" ice-cream.


Anonymous said...

OOhh! Luscious! Grrrrlll you could get paid for this maybe by the global corporate giant that ate up B& J's, no!?! But, I know you, the authentic Fresca shall remain free and true to herself, the Muses, the spheres and boldly try new flavahs, chuckle her way through the universe while researching. Carry on dearie, from whichever angles you are able.

love and Happy Spring!


fresca said...

Happy Spring to you too, Stef!
I know--I was sad when Ben & Jerry's sold out...
(Though, in truth, usually I buy the cheapest Full O' Air brand of ice cream anyway.)