Friday, February 13, 2009

You have a good heart.

For the past 48 hours, my old iBook G4 laptop (from 2004) was in the Apple shop becoming one with the slightly newer and far, far less beat up, powerBook G4 (it's silver!), passed along to me by Cat. Which I have just reclaimed and am typing on for the first time, here at Common Roots, over a very hoppy beer (Surly Furious).

Silver is a marvel--she has no toast crumbs gumming up her works nor laugh-spewed coffee splatters on her screen. The battery charges, the letters are not worn off the keys, and the screen doesn't dim if it's not at just the right tilt.
I am blissed out.

However, it was good to be offline for 48 hours. I was forced to turn to my first love, once again: I used to delight to make books and collages, to play with glue and pigments.
One winter in Chicago, for instance, I stood on the elevated train platform every Wednesday evening, damp from papermaking slop.
I have missed mucking about in lumpy matter, wet and sticky, much as I adore this airy medium, with its snappy electric odor.

So, unplugged, I lugged out my art supplies and cut and pasted, in the original sense, a few Valentine Day cards, such as this one.

Have a happy one, you and your good heart.


Nancy said...

Love the Valentine, Fresca!

Remember you always have a bed to sleep in in Chicago -- or your choice of what are now five couches! What can I do to lure you, dulce corazon?

poodletail said...

Your happy writing inside is another beautiful element of my valentine!