Monday, February 2, 2009

Small Blog Fret

My librarian self is fretting: she wants to group all Astronave's like-minded posts together. Take today's addition to the "Star Trek and Art History" category, for instance--would not it be better if it sat next to the other posts on the same subject?
If so, when is the correct time to rupture the blog's chronological order?
Or does the tag/index suffice, and my inner librarian should let go of her old-skool Paper Brain?
*gnaws at nails*


deanna said...

Wow, today's title pic is so cool. James Doohan at work!

So it's a librarian-self thing? I go through it periodically - hence my joy in organizing my site. But your categories do work, I think. I've looked up stuff in them that came along before I was reading you. You've set them up more library-like than I have.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Deanna just said, 'ceptin' I never wasn't no librarian..but I did volunteer in n my school libraries and the little one in Westminster West, VT, and, my mom was an English teacher who really wanted to be a librarian...does that count?

From my developmentalist perspective, and, selfishly, because I still don't blog, neither do I journal, I enjoy the chronological aspect muchly. Also, because it shows the inner workings of your associative thoughts and historical and \"random" events that are happening or 've happened already and are inspiring you at any given moment. What everyou deciede, dear, do keep blogging! Sorry, I haven't been commenting lately..I've been nudging myself out into the world of some political and mostly social events against my winterclinations...At the end of a day or a week, dealing with the kids and adults at work, etc. i am less inclined to cyber-journey. So, when I end up catching up on your posts in chunks, it's less exhausting because they're in chrono order.

I really Love what and how you share!


Veri-word? "dryloud".

Screaming ache of winter here--

How appropriate!

fresca said...

Isn't that working scene great?! has a bunch more like it (though not in that long banner style).

I think it was partly your new word press set up, Deanna, that got me fretting about the limitations of Blogger organization. Thank you for the feedback, though, that the index categories do work.
I fret about those too!
I think it's just a little flare up of OCD-lite: a desire to put the universe in order in response to stress.

fresca said...

P.S. Oh--Stef's comment came in as I was responding to Deanna's--again, I'm glad to hear how/in what order people actually read this thing. Thanks.

momo said...

Tags work great, when one remembers to use them! And I have also been tempted to migrate to WordPress but inertia is my middle name.

I can never get the hang of getting a photo in my banner to be a good size! You seem to be having fun with it. Any tips?

fresca said...

MOMO: I cheat. I have used exactly 2 banners and both were already in that horizontal format.

I am loathe to leave Blogger, having been so happy here, so I probably won't. Just muttering to myself (though it seems I am not alone!).

bink said...

Don't "rupture the blog's chronological order". It's easy enough to find "like" stuff with the tag/index.

The chronological order (CO) is the most interesting way to see things because it shows how your mind moves through/back and forth/over/between topics.

CO also provides background and catalyst for thought evolution that might not show up if you organize things strictly by topic, but might be very relevant to a topic in a neighboring blog.

fresca said...

OK. Everyone agrees, so I'll leave it as it is.
Thanks for weighing in!

Maura said...

What Binky said:)!