Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook Dropout

Thank you, Momo, for linking to the NYT article "Quitting Facebook Gets Easier" and for saying you too wanted to permanently delete your Facebook account, and did.
So did I, just now.
The link to do so is under "Help" on your Facebook page--it's easy.

On Facebook, I felt as if I were in the middle of a high school cafeteria.
I can see why some people love it--it's quite bubbly!--but I prefer one-to-one conversations at a coffeeshop, which is more like what e-mail allows.
Also FB is a closed system--I like that this blog is open and anyone at all might (and sometimes does) wander through here.

Blogging is where I, well..., I suppose I get to talk uninterrupted! Though at its best, it leads to in-depth conversations, both online and in person. And I want to read other people's thoughtful writings, too, on their blogs or wherever, and that isn't really what Facebook is for.

Anyway, geez: How many accounts do I need? I'm on Yahoo e-mail, Blogger, and youTube. Enough already!

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Jennifer said...

I would drop off of Facebook, but I have several people I want to stay in touch with to some extent who simply will not communicate with me any other way. I take about a half hour on it a week to remind said people I'm still alive and that they can email me if they want. :)

But yeah, I know what you mean about the cafeteria feeling! Every time you log on you're bombarded by short, chirpy messages. Great for when you're in the mood to feel like you're in a virtual crowd (and I have a minute number of friends!), but not my strength.

fresca said...

Yes, even with only 15 Facebook Friends, my page was mired in clutter, though of course there was good stuff amidst the detritus.

I also see why people would want to control who can see their site, for privacy/safety; but I like the open, free-for-all of Blogger and youTube (both of which let you choose to limit your viewers, if you want, but are generally open to all). So in that sense, Facebook isn't a cafeteria but more of a club-like atmosphere, which isn't my favorite.

deanna said...

I hear you. I have resisted Facebook and will continue to for now. If my kids lived across the country I'd use it to catch their updates, but they're here. I might find old friends and such, too. That's probably what'll lure me, if anything, but for now I hold firm with blogging...and snail mail. Thanks for the great card!!

fresca said...

Glad you liked the card, Deanna--on paper! So old fashioned, eh?
I can see Facebook for group contact, I just don't contact groups.
And if we haven't been exchanging Christmas cards, I probably didn't care much about those old friends anyway.