Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still Life (On a Starship)

I seem to be on a roll of seeing art historical references in Star Trek.
The set dressing on Star Trek is so minimal that when there's a shot of some object(s) alone--which is fairly rare--it can have the force of modern art. This one, (below, left, from the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before") reminded me of Giorgio Morandi's still lives (example, below right).
Their spare geometry is beautiful, don't you think?


bink said...

Ok, you've got a disposable plastic cup they put a logo on that was left over from a cast party; a yellow pin tin from the costume shop; a salt shaker from catering that they wrapped white tape around; two empty cardboard light bulb boxes from the camera guy: and a large match box where they covered the striker part with white tape. Total expense 5¢ in white tape.

This sci-fi stuff is a breeze on tight budgets...and so are still lives.

Good eye!

fresca said...

You got it: I am sooooo qualified to make sci-fi.
I already own the tape!