Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Our Hearts Attract Like Magnets--Forcefully!"

Poetic, eh?
That's what it says in fine print on the upper left-hand corner of this package.

On the back, it warns, "Avoid keeping under direct sunray," which goes for hearts, too, I'd say. The mochi are wonderful, if you like your tea in a sweet, gummy, snot-green ball. (Guilty.)
Lesson learned: take photo of contents of package before you eat them.
Tip o' the keyboard to Jeff's post Pink Noodles.


Jennifer said...

Oh Japanese English, how I love you. *beams* My family bought some Vietnamese noodles once which included the instructions, "Let loose the noodle." This became a sort of battle cry in our household. Not sure what to do next? Let loose the noodle!

deanna said...

My husband eats those all the time. He describes the consistency as like a dead mouse (sorry), but he loves 'em. My daughter follows sites that post wonderful Engrish. One of my favorites: Beware of People.

fresca said...

Language can be so much fun:
"Let loose the dead mouse!"

(It would have to be a dead mouse without the bones though, as there's nothing crunchy going on.)

Nancy said...

On a tiny box of Japanese mints, "Makes your life more pleasant." I think that's a good reason for a lot of things.

I love soft, gummy, chewy mochi, too!

Dom said...

I just bought a package on whim yesterday.
The little 'KEEPIT' package inside says: "Do not microwaves"

NOTE: The "Don't eat" warning is barely visible. So my warning is DON'T EAT the 'KEEPIT' pack!