Friday, January 30, 2009

The Tiger

Those Brits win for suave, but in my heart, my favorite spy remains Agent 86, the bumbling American Maxwell Smart (Don Adams, right).

Sample Smart:
“You better drop that gun because this yacht happens to surrounded by the seventh fleet… Would you believe the sixth fleet?… How about a school of angry flounder?”

Turns out there were several Smart Cars, but the Sunbeam Tiger, here, was the gold standard, and the one Steve Carell pulls up in, in the remake movie Get Smart, which I liked a lot.


Manfred Allseasons said...

I know nothing of this programme, other than it has inspired a this worth looking up?

Will I larf???

fresca said...

Quite honestly, I haven't seen "Get Smart" since childhood, so I don't know if the silly humor holds up. I did think the recent movie version was dear and funny, but it was not a hit.
So, I don't know--
watch it and let me know!