Friday, January 9, 2009

To Seek Out Strange New Wordles

Bianca Castafiore (yes, THAT Bianca, you Tintin lovers!) has introduced me to Wordle, which is a lovely toy that creates "word clouds," you know.
I solved one of her Wordle Literary Challenges. (If you know it, it's easy!)

She has two more up until Saturday midnight, if you care to try your hand at them.

Tired of typing about the Great Moravian Empire, I created my first Wordle.
You all recognize it, right?
I'm so predictable...


Jennifer said...

Aren't Wordles lovely? And so addictive as well...

I love the bold "boldly"!

bink said...

Oh sure, get me started doing wordles now...

fresca said...

Aren't they awful? Worse than a pan of brownies.

I had to cheat to bold the boldly." You know Wordle highlights the word most used, and in the Star Trek intro, that word is "new", which I hadn't realized:
"new worlds, new life, new civilizations". Gives me some pause.
So I took out 2 "news" and added a "boldly".
Cheating, but effective!