Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Baker's Dozen

Hm. Putting my calendar together on New Year's Eve, I seem to have overlooked an important ingredient. We'll just have to add another month, because what is life without the salt?
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Anonymous said...

I think the Mayans used some kind od extra month every something or other'th year or so in their lunar/solar(!?!) calendar system which was way the hell more accurate than "ours". i think the periodic extra month made up for partial days or something that occurred over x amount of time. Sorry , I'm too tired to look all this up at the moment, to have it authenticated before I respond. Was up late last night with my Jimster watching DVD "Delicatessen"--French, hilarious, sweet, scary, postapocalyptic wondervisions of human/inhuman survival and "manners", with amazing
filmic wonderments and effects of common and uncommon objects shot and put together in beautiful light. Dark meets light meets anthropology meets guerrilla geography meets roots music meets astrology...And, this calendar page you're sharing today, reverberates with a predominant theme for the carnivorous in us--it's made for this flick...which is about and makes me think about everything in the universe--as does all art! Soul food, baby! Merci, Merci! Later today, it'll be "The Discreet Charm of the Petite Bourgeousie" and "La Vie En Rose", if I've time and heart enough for both. (Went into Iberian mode at the vid store last night; however, my spelling abilities did not!)...

MMmmm, Kirkpheromones, mmmm!



fresca said...

I hope the Mayan calendar isn't tooooo accurate, as, according to a book I'm indexing, it dates the end of the world at 2012!
That wouldn't entirely surprise me... but it wouldn't please me.

Anonymous said...

JIC--(does that exist? as an abbreviation thing-y?! I meant it as Just In Case)--i better git crackin' on all those things I've meant to do before I kark it or the world ends or some such random twitch of the cosmos occurs, or maybe I will just hang out here at home on such a cold winter's day and cook a vat of French veg. soup and watch vids! Happy sunshine and glittery fresh snow!