Friday, December 5, 2008

Fly on the Wall

Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand--during the filming of Let's Make Love, 1960-- with their spouses Arthur Miller and Simone Signoret

What is Simone saying as she gestures, center? Arthur is leaning in with real interest.

I'm messing about with the bits and pieces of this blog.
For the first time, I changed my "interests" info on my profile.
It used to read:
"From this hour I ordain myself loos'd of limits and imaginary lines..." (Walt Whitman) " boldly go where no man has gone before."

Now it says:
"Separate each interest with a comma," Blogger instructs me. But like Flaubert, often I have “spent all morning putting a comma in and all afternoon taking it out.”


bink said...

The dialogue that accompanies these pix (from a pirated recording):

Picture 1:
Marilyn: "Come on in youse guys. We've got sandwiches and oranges for dinner--you know how hard it is to cook in these hotel rooms! But don't worry we got plenty of wine."

Picture 2:
Simone: "So then they used this sort of giant flashlight to transport me up into their spaceship. I must have looked like Christ ascending up to heaven... except at the time I had a Channel clutch in my left hand."

Picture 3:
Yves: "Simone contends she got to drive the spaceship when they made crop circles outside of York."
Simone: "I still have dreams about this dishy blue spaceman."

fresca said...

Who's the bloody genius now?
You make me laugh!