Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh! and Merry Christmas, btw!

Wait! Instead of spending three hours gathering bits and pieces about people making the most of a muddle, on film [post below] (how did I get started on that anyway?), I was supposed to be cooking Christmas Eve dinner for Bink & Maura, who are coming over to my cat-sitting home in 4.75 hours!

So... I better put on some carols (about daleks?), make a martini, and wash all those splendid losers out of my hair so I can put on my Santa cap.

I hope nice things happen to you and nobody comes at you with pointed sticks at all. Or toilet plungers or egg beaters either.


Krista said...

And may nice things happen to you, Madam Fresca, as you are quite the piece of work. (I'm in town after all for the next bit. Perhaps we should do something?)

fresca said...

Yes: come ingest cookies and wine with me sometime soon!

fresca said...

P.S. I'd even let you eat some PEZ...!

Krista said...

Even PEZ? Truly, I am honored.

Email me and we'll figure out something marvelous.