Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Moon

Today I helped my friend Laura set up Laura Borealis, Artist, a blog for her art. (I'm like a pusher when it comes to blogging--always trying to get friends to start their own blog.)
Laura is one of my oldest, dearest friends. She is an artist who works, these days, mostly in polymer clay (aka Fimo, one of its brand names). She creates her miniature scenes on light-switch covers, among other surfaces.

This one, Winter Moon, has elements that glow in the dark, including the moon caught in the tree branches. I bought it to keep my glow-in-the-dark Kirk and Spock company.

1 comment:

bink said...

Nice job on the blog. The artwork is beautiful, loved the new birch--esp. the one that looks like it has flying saucers in the sky, and the poppies are gorgeous!

Like your comment system better though. I couldn't sign off as bink! Bummer bink!