Monday, December 29, 2008

Funeral Punch

Today's Church Basement Post-Funeral Prandial Buffet
On long tables at the front:
puffy bread rolls, white and brown
cold slices of ham, turkey, and roast beef
Swiss and Cheddar cheese, sliced
packets of mayonnaise and yellow mustard
bowl of rippled potato chips
cole slaw, cold
baked beans, warm
selection of dessert bars (chocolate, seven layers, cheesecake, etc.)
glasses of ice water
trays of pink punch
(pots of coffee on tables )

Cathy lent me her iPhone to record the beauty of the punch.

This is the perfect meal, in my opinion, to follow up a very, very cold stint in a cemetery, listening to a bugler play Taps for a dear friend's father, who served in Patton's tank corps.
There's nothing that says life goes on like trying to serve yourself potato chips with plastic tongs.
Ben, r.i.p.


bink said...

beautifully put.

fresca said...

Thanks. The more I look at it, the more that photo seems unbearably sad...

poodletail said...

Sad because there's no jell-o.

fresca said...

Yes, that's it. Tragic...