Thursday, January 1, 2009

Star Trek Motivational Calendar

[NOTE: You might like my other Star Trek macros.]

Happy New Year! Here's the calendar I made on New Year's Eve to share some of the wisdom *cough, cough* I've gleaned last year from Star Trek, the Original Series. The themes loosely reflect each month's main zodiac sign.

Click on photos to enlarge.
January (Capricorn)

February (Aquarius)

March (Pisces)

April (Aries)

May (Taurus)

June (Gemini)

July (Cancer)

August (Leo)

September (Virgo)

October (Libra)

November (Scorpio)

December (Sagittarius)

Bonus Month No sign's got a corner on this one.

Once again, a huge thanks to Trek Core for the screencaps and to the Parody Motivator Generator for the poster formatting. (It's super easy--try it!)


Anonymous said...

Really COOL! What a great idea.
Of course I looked at Leo first! Would you do an actual calendar? I don't say 'can you' because you can do anything! I see it all made up...heavy stock and the photographs ripe for framing. Way back in '92 I paid $26 (a fortune for me) for a Chagall calendar made in Germany. After the year was up I put many of the images oo foamcore board and if you've noticed, two of them are in my kitchen.

PS: Miscellany is back for 2009!!!

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh!!! I scrolled along in order and felt right/left/right/left assured by your message for us fishy March babies: thanks, I totally needed that! I know i'm less cantankerous as I get older and mellow with age, still good to know the love is there unconditionally from our mother and who/whatever else...I'm with Barrett, both on having actual scissors and hands clip art still in my life from beloved calendars from years past, and with the idea that pretty much anything you put your hands, mind, heart, eyeballs and cameras to transforms to magic and will be well put to public access in whatever forms you choose, Frescadita!

Love and Peace and More Arts in 2009!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add my list of favorites.
The top five are: 1)March, 2)Feb,
3)June, 4)July, 5)October.

I noted the May caption is lifted from Seneca [Fate leads those who go willingly, Those who do not go willingly Fate drags]and they've sort of wiggled it to make it their own.

PS: thanks for the first comment on Miscellany 2009. I answered you there.

deanna said...

Cool. May your months be cheered along the way. May you wear gold. :o)

Jennifer said...

*grin* The Mistress of Communication for Gemini, yes! *fistpump* These were wonderful and made me laugh, which is very welcome when dealing with a cold and fever! :) (Any weirdnesses in my other comment I blame on this...)

fresca said...

There are, indeed, online programs to make actual calendars, but I'm just going to print these as photos for myself and attach them as supplements to the 2009 Joop-of-the-Month calendar Maura made.

BARRETT: Thanks for listing your favorites--it's interesting because people are telling me they like different ones. Fun!

STEF: Yes, I gave "You Are Loved" to Pisces--both because I find it most comforting and because that unconditional love--theoretically--is supposed ot be in the nature of Pisces--
but sometimes we manifest the "BEING DIFFICULT" part of that slogan more than the loving part. : )

DEANNA: Wearing the Gold Shirt well is a mid-life challenge for me. I've been more likely hide behind a rock, avoiding leadership. Maybe 2009 is the year for me to step up to the challenge a bit.
WIthout turning into a bully, which is one of the hazards of Leo energy...

JEN: Laughing through illness--the Communicator worked! Feel better!

bink said...

My favs (in monthly order) are Feb., April, August, Sept., Nov., and December.

fresca said...

Bink--you are so well rounded--you've got all four elements in your favorites! Let's hold hands!

fresca said...

P.S. BARRETT: I thought the "fate leads" quote came from Augustine, but quite likely he was quoting Seneca. Anyway, lots of people have noticed how that plays out, eh?

"They" didn't do anything to it, though--that was me--I wrote the captions.

Glad to have my co-blogger back!

Maura said...

Ok, so I haven't weighed in on these yet, which I think are absolutely brill, of course. Hands down, May is my fave, but just now seeing the baker's dozenth one added, I have to say it bumps February out of second place. Just so elemental and true! iloveyoufcheska from iloveyoumauralynch

fresca said...

Stand, sweat, and dream...
That's all you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's hialrious! Digging your site! Gonna have a good look round later, cheers, Bob.

fresca said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bob. And thanks for your great Jean-Luc Picard fragrance, "Engage"!

WRGII said...

Absolutley love the posters, they are hysterical!

fresca said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me know!

Iddy said...

Slow to find these but enjoying them nonetheless! I claimed a few to keep me company ;-) Love Sweat! Heck,it might even get me to exert and lose those few pounds... Thanks for creating!

fresca said...

Hi, Iddy!
Hey--you're very welcome. I love Sweat too... though it makes me want to eat whipped cream... or creme fraiche, as you suggest! : )