Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trailer for Star Trek XI !

OMG! Here's a bootleg version of the first Star Trek XI trailer, officially due to be released Monday (11-17).
I got it from Trekmovie.
[click on Trekmovie if this video is removed--they'll probably post another.
Sunday morning (11-16) update: well, this just proves Paramount can be on top of their copyright if they want to be--the lastest version on Trekmovie was also removed, as of this morning. So check again, but at any rate, the official version will be available online in 24 hours.]

star trek trailer from SPOCKBOY on Vimeo.

As I expected, the trailer is supercharged with emo-porn, not the gawky repression of old TV Trek that was so much fun to slash. This new Star Trek, with the young Kirk and Spock, won't be the ridiculous, emotionally stilted 1960s Trek I love. Per modern norms, we glimpse Uhura's underwear before the movie is even released. Certainly we can expect none of the old pleasures of "I'm-the-only-one-who-sees-his-angst". It'll all be on the surface, with arrows pointing the way.
But it looks like that surface will be an absolutely ripping place to be!


Jennifer said...

All right, I'll admit the familiar transporter-effect sound at the end gave me unexpected chills. And whoa, Quinto is much more convincing as Spock there than I've seen before, though I think it's going to be odd to have so much emotion right out there in the open for all to see.

Oh my, actual fresh canon for the original slash pairing! I'm all giddy. ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...emo-porn, emo-porn, emo-porn!! Love the sound of that!! Didn't see the trailer yet--but don't youthink emo-porn would be a cool name for one of those new planets outside our star system that've been imaged? You introduce me to words I've never heard of or imagined. Your blog is like cyber gingko and Essential Fatty Acids for my aging brain! Surely this verification word points to a small amount of natural laxative that I could partake of before this morning vanishes: "sponfibr Or else, I could vacuum away some spiderwebs---or both! See what I mean?!

Thanks and Love!


fresca said...

"You say 'emo-porn' like that's a bad thing..."

Yeah, I admit, I am all giddy about this movie too. It's just that the producers have figured out what fans want, and it was kinda fun when we had to create it ourselves! : )
But, hey, I will be first in line on May 8, 2009!

Stef: I LOVE the way you are noting the hidden significance of Word Verifications. Rebecca does that too--someone should start collecting them. (That could be you!)
Some of them could be used to name new planets, for sure.

P.S. I made-up "emo-porn", and now when I google it, I see others use it, perhaps not quite in the way I meant... But close enough, I'll leave it.