Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"What if this is the beginning..."

[More photos from Election Day in post below this one.]

Ami, manager of Bob's, is wearing a red bra and barrettes and star-spangled socks for Election Day today.

I asked her what she had to say on this historic day, and in her wholehearted response, she demonstrated what I like best about Obama:
the way people respond to him--full throttle--with faith, hope, and love in themselves, and in us, together.

Ami told me:

"I feel patriotic today. I'm so excited about the possibility of having someone in office who has something to do with me.

"I wrote down Obama's name four years ago when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention because he gave me goosebumps when he talked about not a white America, not a black America, one America... I got up and looked for a pen to write down his name, and then I looked up his speech and read it."

She continued, "I really feel that we can change the world. If Obama can get everyone on board, if people can really connect, things could come together... And maybe we won't be such a laughing stock to the rest of the world!

"Tonight I'm going to try not to watch MSNBC until 8 p.m. But I'm the geek who will stay up till 3 a.m. watching election results.

"I hope we can look back on this day in thirty years and say this is when things changed.
My teenage daughter told me two years ago,
'You know what would be really cool? Maybe for my high school graduation we could go to Washington, D.C., for Hillary Clinton's inauguration.'
Now she likes Barack--she's just pissed off that she can't vote because she won't be 18 until January.
Maybe my grandkids will ask me, 'Where were you on the day Obama was elected?' "

"Obama says we can change this country, we can change the world. And I believe we can.
Maybe it's being hopeful to a fantastical degree, but... what if this is the beginning of a new era?
I mean, maybe it'll just be politics as usual...

"...But it doesn't have to be."


Rudyinparis said...

Oh my goodness, what does it say about me that my first response to this post is: How can a woman old enough to have a teenage daughter have a chest so smooth?

As a corollary, I spent the better part of last week stressing over MY HAIR (rather out of character for me)--I have a haircut appointment tomorrow evening, and I've been obsessing over whether I should get bangs, maybe a shag, or just take off several inches? A buzz cut? I'm convinced my desire for change is manifesting as a desire to *change my hair*. Which is stupid.

Momentous historic times, and I'm at new depths of shallowness. I just can't handle the stress!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am Ami's Lil Sister...and I volunteer for my local Barack Obama office in a tiny, tiny town in the middle of Pennsylvania! I've had the strength to fight off the racial slurs, gossip, and uncertainties. I will be staying up all night to see if my hard work, along w/ the help of many other local volunteers will payoff. Let's hope so, because America needs the real change that only Barack Obama can bring this year! So from Minnesota, to Pennsylvania, to EVERYWHERE....Please support change, support Barack Obama!!
P.S. Love Ya Sis!

Manfred Allseasons said...

Tom Baker, The Doctor of yore, said last night that Sarah Palin 'put the Alas! in Alsaska'...

Good luck, I hope Mr Obama gets the prize....

fresca said...

Rudy: Actually, changing one's hair is a sign of profound change, so that's a GREAT sign that that's what you are thinking about!
It's like the way animals signal change with their behavior--flying south early and stuff.
You are our barometer!

Welcome, Ami's Lil Sis!!!
*Thanks* for your work, on behalf of us all! It really is everyone who is making this happen, not just the candidate.

fresca said...

Oh--Manfred's comment just came is as I was writing a response, and I am deee-lighted with the report that Dr Who AND The Economist see the light from across the pond--I just hope enough of my fellow citizens do.

momo said...

Happy Obama Day! More great pictures. I'm so grateful to ALL the volunteers and canvassers and people who are coming out to vote. I feel as if my entire body is flowing with new, clean energy after being ungrounded for so long!

Ami said...

rudyinparis... you made my day :D

~Ami - the smooth chested one!

p.s. -I shaved my head twice in the last two years, maybe that's the secret to a smooth chest! Seriously though, totally liberating, but frustrating to grow out. Liked it enough to do it twice, so there you go.

fresca said...

I'm just turning in after watching Obama's acceptance speech. Oh, happy day!