Friday, November 14, 2008

Back to Editing

Erica as Hermes, on her way to deliver murdered Clytemnestra's peacock-feather spray to the Fly.

This is the last scene I've filmed for Orestes and the Fly so far, and I filmed it almost three weeks ago, before my computer troubles threw the brakes on.
No, that's not true.
*I* threw the brakes on--specifically, my anxieties did. I plain old freaked out that after being brave enough to get help solving my technology glitches, editing was still cumbersome and difficult. (Unfair! Frightening!) So I came to a full stop on all aspects of my movie, for almost a couple weeks.

Oh well. Back at it now and feeling the sweet relief that accompanies returning to a task you want to do, even though it's a pain. And the relief that, actually, some of the footage looks really good.
Plus, my head is still attached! which is not to be taken for granted.
Still, I'm glad I've told everyone this won't be done till spring.


deanna said...

Good for you; good for your head! Wish I could send you a newer computer, but I'll just have to admire the perseverance going on.

fresca said...

Thanks --I've been feeling bad about how bogged down in procrastination I got, but I am going to revision that and call it "perseverance" as you do!