Monday, October 6, 2008

Running in the Rain

Cathy ran her third marathon and Rebecca ran her first partial marathon yesterday, in the rainy morning with temps in the 40s.
I biked over to the lake to see the runners. I love them, running 26.2 miles through the weather. It's one of those pointless, adorable things people do only because they want to, for the fun and/or the achievement of the thing--like going to the moon or decorating sugar cookies. They're downright heroic, testifying to some of the best of being human.

A lot of the rush of watching the run, however, comes from the enthusiastic supporters. It's almost palpable, the good will and encouragement the onlookers pump out. Maura told me one reason she ran the marathon five years ago was she wanted to be on the receiving end of that.

Here comes Cathy.

And there she goes.


poodletail said...

Seeing you and Maura and Bradley and Tache made me happy, Fresca!
And seeing your photos makes me think I could do it again. Not today, though.

fresca said...

You're a star!
Rebecca e-mailed to say her core body temp is still not back to normal--I hope you got warmed up!

Rudyinparis said...


Yesterday morning, as I drove downtown in the dark and rain for the 10 mile, I had the interesting realization that I couldn't think of too many horrible, unpleasant, painful things that I hadn't in some way chosen of my free will to do. I chose to run the race. I chose to birth two babies. When I was utterly humiliated by the professor of my Metaphysics class in college (one of the most painful memories I have) I still did choose to take the class, now, didn't I? I chose to move to Minnesota, so I can't even complain about the winters. No one forced me to come here. What a luxury, what privilege! I thank my lucky stars.

And the spectators, who stood in the rain and cheered.

deanna said...

I'm always amazed by the spectators, the cheerers-on. A race is a great event for people, for all the "reasons" you give. Hope everyone warms up/dries out again soon.

fresca said...

R: It is excellent and beautiful that you ran of your own free will, but your philosophy is slipping! Signing up for Metaphysics equals signing up for humiliation? That is not a logical proposition.

But yes, signing up for a marathon does mean taking whatever weather comes---but you still get to complain if hypothermia sets in!

Deanna: You should come run the Twin Cities Marathon next year!

Rudyinparis said...

Hmmm. You're right. That guy was an ass!

fresca said...

Totally. Give credit where it's due, eh?