Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lobster Bites

"We've got a date with destiny,
...and it looks like she ordered the lobster!"

--William Macy (far left), in Mystery Men (USA, 1999) *

That's pretty much how I feel today.
See, turns out my '04 computer processor is not really up to running iMovie '06. Or not at full speed anyway.
This bites like a lobster. As it were.

I feel both anxious and depressed, while at the same time I'm elated that I'm unhappy due to something I really *want* to do causing me problems.
You know?
If you're unhappy doing something you love, then you're lucky. Right? After all, think of all the things we do not love that we could be unhappy doing.

Sort of like William Macy maybe felt? when he clocked himself in the forehead with his shovel while he practiced twirling it around for his role as The Shoveller. (I always watch the Special Features.)

Bink offered the comforting words today that I was "the most talented obscure person" she knows.
That's a direct quote.

As Paul Reubens' character says of some mumbo-jumbo another character spouts, it must be cosmic because it's so cool, it "borders on ...confusing."
* Now I know Ben Stiller is a Trekkie (not "Trekker," he says, and I agree), I have to watch all of his movies all over again--except the ones I didn't like, of course, like Reality Bites--starting with this very excellent one, about loser superheroes with nonexistent powers. Stiller's the one in the center, above, and that's Hank Azaria on the right.


momo said...

That does bite. Try a chat with the Apple folks on Hennepin. They might be able to suggest a cheaper upgrade than buying a whole new computer. I've always found them really helpful.

fresca said...

Yep, I talked to them. It's the processor, which is part of the hard drive--nothing to be done. Oh well...