Friday, October 3, 2008

Location Scouting

Marcia said I can film Agamemnon's murder in her claw foot tub a week from Saturday. I went over to her house to check out the angles. I brought along some filmy orange material.

The tap is on the wrong side of the tub for Agamemnon to die in the same pose as Marat. Furthermore, there's no room to position the camera to shoot the actors on the tap side, unless I stand on top of the sink. So the pose will just have to be reversed. I checked it out, here, and it works fine, doncha think?

Afterwards I did a quick storyboard to get the layout of the bathroom in my mind, and Marcia and I shared tart Harelson apples, aged Vermont cheddar cheese, and Wisconsin basswood honey on her back porch.

Biking home, I passed these rental searchlights I've seen many times but never before took personally.


Sal said...

Wow, love the tub, sun, material shot - ethereal! And I just noticed your running total of spendage. You are so responsible.

momo said...

Gorgeous photos! and this reminds me of those DVD features where the director talks in voiceover about the difficulties of location scouting, shooting in a moving car, or getting those exact few minutes of light at sundown.

bink said...

I think Marat's footstool was pink... :)

fresca said...

Sal: Ah, the runnning total of spendage creates the illusion of fiscal responsibility--in reality I am nothing like!

Momo: I do in fact now find myself more interested in the director's chat about locatoin and light and all that--I used to want them to skip to talking about characters, now I want to hear more techincal details!

Bink: And not plastic...