Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats and Dogs

Define "dancing," the captain asks his computer in Wall-E, which I went to see for the 2nd time last night, with L & M. (It's now at the $3 theaters). I love that the filmmakers see dancing as one of the things that defines us as human.

I've been thinking about dance lately because my movie Fly wants to be a tap dancer.
Margo, a dance friend, told me Gene Kelley and his type are called "dog dancers," while Fred Astaire is a "cat dancer." I love them both.

And Cyd Charisse.
Cat or dog?

Cyd Charisse dances hot with Kelly, in Singin' in the Rain.

..and cool with Astaire, in The Band Wagon.


deanna said...

Can't wait to see Wall-E (I think it's at our dollar theater now). Dance is amazing, hot or cool, dog or cat (Charisse plays well to both of them, no?).

momo said...

feline, definitely feline!

fresca said...

Feline. Of course you are right.
And she can dance with any species...

bink said...

Looking at these two clips seemed sad to me because Astaire (while still wonderfully graceful) has obviously lost his edge and his athleticism by this point (which he still had in the Follies clip you posted). I did some research and Kelly is 40 years old the Singing clip. Astaire is 54 in the Band Wagon clip. That made Kelly 34 and Astaire 47 in the Follies clip.

Oh, the changes that happen after we turn 50! Says the woman ruefully while spending her day on a heating pad with a sore back :)

fresca said...

Sorry about your back, Bink.
That's interesting to learn how old they are. But instead of making me feel sad, it just makes me feel I should get up and s-t-r-e-t-c-h more--I'm 47 and nowhere near Astaire in the Follies!!! (nor was or will I ever be). : )